Bill Erdoss



Insight from Former Students

"Bill Erdoss has significantly improved my shooting ability. Most shooting instructors that I had trained with, only have told me what I do wrong without instructing me as to what I can actually do to change or avoid bad shooting habits. Bill takes a proactive aproach, telling you what to do instead of simply what not to do. I have found this aproach to be much more beneficial and effective."
Stuart W. Gray (American Skeet, American Trap)
"Bill first gave me a few tips at Wolf Creek. When I learned Bill gave lessons... I couldn't wait for the opportunity! Bill's experience and Olympic training is evident the first hour of coaching. His step by step explanation of the fundamentals provides the basic foundation... From gun mounting to the stance to lining-up the bird... Bill is instinctively aware of the shooter's strengths and weaknesses.. And knows the proper adjustments to suggest. In my mind it's the best money one can spend on the sport! I'll be back for more!"
Bill McGregor, Atlanta, GA (American Skeet, Sporting Clays)
"Through technic & incouragement, Bill has significantly helped me improve. His ability to asses each shot and correct accordingly, has greatly eliminated my bad habits, and allowed me to be successfull, even though I still consider myself a beginner. Bill has made shooting fun & enjoyable and I see success for those lucky enough to call him their coach."
JK Bryant (American Skeet)
"...We did train for five and one-half months on International Skeet and Olympic Bunker. I have learned more in those five and one-half months than I had previously in over thirty-five years of shooting. He is the most knowledgeable shooting personality I have ever met. His professional methodologies are far superior to anything I have ever known."
Frank J. Gates, Sr. , President of Gates Roofing & General Construction Co., Inc., Plattsburgh, NY (Olympic Skeet, Olympic Bunker)
" I have known Bill Erdoss for the past year as a shooting coach. His understanding of the sport and his ability to diagnose individual shooting problems is profound. Bill has enormous persistence for specific details in the effort to instill rigor and develop consistency in shooting performance. He commands a reservoir of knowledge and experience that covers every aspect of the sport. In addition to his coaching skills, Bill meets and works well with individuals from varied backgrounds. He can communicate in four languages and he understands others."
Lawrence L. Giandomenico, Ph. D, Professor of Education, State University of New York, Plattsburgh, NY (American Skeet, Sporting Clays)
"...I trusted him 100% in everything I did to improve my game, and I found that he was truly a coach not just a lesson pro. He has the ability to come into your mind and improve your skills if you trust him."
Yuichi Taniguchi, President Taniguchi and Associates, Inc., Atlanta (Olympic Bunker) GA
"...Offering to promote shooting at the Olympic Facility by offering coaching assistance it's a good idea. Helping shooters to improve will contribute to their enjoyment of the shooting sports. ... You pointed out some visualization techniques and hold points that helped me improve my shooting performance. I appreciate the assistance"
Robert C. Neely, Atlanta, GA (Olympic Skeet)

A local coach from Blount County, Ala, encouraged Loper, to join the Wolf Creek International Trap and Skeet Team in Atlanta, Ga. She studied under Bill Erdoss, who left his Romania home to start the team.

"We made the three-hour drive from home to Atlanta on weekends, but it was worth every mile. Through the years, my family has made extra efforts to make sure I succeeded in this sport." (Collyn Loper)
National Wildlife Turkey Federation, Collyn Loper: Quest for gold, by Stephanie Mallory

Loper caught the eye of Vasile Erdoss, a Romanian immigrant who was coaching at the international shooting facility built for the 1996 Atlanta Games. Erdoss invited Loper to join a travel team; at 14, she qualified for the world junior championships in Cairo.

Shooting in her first international meet against opponents up to seven years older, Loper took third place, hitting a perfect 25 straight targets in the first round.

The Washington Times, America's young gun, by Patrick Hruby, July 26, 2004